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Contact Us

We're excited & happy to hear from you. We receive a lot of inquiries & questions every day, so please bear with us but we promise we'll respond back to you as soon as possible. Check out the FAQ's below as they may contain the answer to your question already. 




Please note that due to the large volume of orders for healthcare essential products there will be significant delays. Please bear with us. Orders are being processed as fast as we can but please expect delays. Too much to do, too few hands, too little time, safety protocols in place. 


We are NOT able to take phone calls or take orders by Phone or Purchase Orders. Please place your orders online. Emails will be replied as and when we can get to them. We are sorry if there is a problem we may not be able to solve it. We do not have the time to look into shipping delays, wrong addresses or undelivered packages. Please read the FAQs and blogs on the site for the information you need. These fabrics are reusable and the masks and products you make can be washed and reused hundreds of times.


Our shipping agencies are working at great risk as are our production and shipping. Our family and staff are working tirelessly, barely getting time to eat or sleep. We are fighting for you, our families and our country. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates/messages.




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Contact Information

Wazoodle Fabrics

1360 Adams Road, Bensalem, Pennsylvania - 19020 USA