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Terms and rules

The WordReference Forums Mission Statement and Guidelines

  1. WordReference.com provides Forums for exchanges about translation, word usage, terminology equivalency and other linguistic topics.
    1. Look for the answer first.
      Check the WordReference dictionaries (if available) and scroll down for a list of related threads; or use the forum's search function
    2. One topic per thread / No chatting.
      Stay on the topic of the first post in each thread.
      Ask about only one topic in each thread. If you have more than one question, open a thread for each.
      If you wish to talk about a related subject that is different from the question posed in the first post of the thread, open a new thread.
      If you wish to talk about an unrelated subject or make an unrelated comment to another member, use the forum’s private message ('Conversations') feature. No chatting.
      Open only one thread for each question. Do not duplicate threads.
    3. Be clear and provide context.
      Asking questions:
      Be descriptive, specific, and succinct in your posts, to avoid misunderstandings.
      Provide complete sentences and background information every time you ask a question. This allows us to understand your question and to help you better. Questions or answers with non-WR links must have a brief summary of the link's content—do not post "bare" links to external sites.
      Thread titles must include all or part of the word/phrase being discussed. (Avoid phrases like "translation please", "how do I say this", "I'm new" and similar expressions.)
      Make a reasonable attempt to verify accuracy. If you are unsure of the accuracy of your information or translation, please say so.
    4. Respect intellectual property.
      Always acknowledge the source.
      No plagiarized content is allowed.
      No copyrighted material may be inserted into posts except as indicated here:
      • Minor fair use excerpts (one or two) from dictionaries are permitted.
      • Quotes and translations of prose up to 4 sentences are permitted. No audio or video files or links may be inserted without prior moderator approval.
      • Song lyrics and verse may be quoted and translated, up to a maximum of 4 lines.
      All forms of inserted content that do not meet these conditions will be removed without exception.
    5. Strict limits on translation and homework help. No proofreading.
      These forums respond to specific questions about text. They do not provide free translations. They do not provide proofreading and rewriting of texts. Thus, discussion should center on the word or phrase in the thread title. Additional source text is accepted only as context; please do not submit it for translation or proofreading.
      Help with schoolwork will be given only if you post your own translation/interpretation first.
    6. No Advertising or promotional activity.
      No promotional activity or advertising of any kind is permitted in the forum.
      Nothing that is any way promotional may be placed in posts, avatars, user names or signatures, including but not limited to: promotional statements, e-mail addresses, URLs or links; or references to any of these; or references to products, services, ideologies, religions, candidates or organizations.
      It will be the sole discretion of WordReference and its moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement or promotion.

  2. The Forums promote learning and maintain an atmosphere that is serious, academic and collaborative, with a respectful, helpful and cordial tone.
    1. Be helpful and polite.
      If someone's Spanish, English, (or other language) isn't perfect, don't treat him/her badly.
      The use of "Hello", “Hi” and "Thank you" is always welcome.
      Treat others in the way that you wish to be treated.
    2. Be considerate.
      No flooding. If you post several threads, do your best to ensure that no more than 5 of them appear on the front page of a forum at any one time. This allows other members' threads to get their share of attention.
      No bumping. If nobody responds to your question, do not post again to simply request help – instead, post more information or context to help us to help you. If your question receives no reply, you can use the "Report" link in the bottom of your post to request moderator assistance.
    3. Keep your language clean and decent.
      Discussion of offensive words and phrases is permitted, but the conversation must remain respectful and serious. You may discuss offensive words, but you may not use them with malicious intent.
      Nicknames, signatures and avatars that we feel are inflammatory, vulgar or rude will be removed.
    4. No flaming.
      Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments are not tolerated. Should anyone use inappropriate language, start a personal attack, or engage in hate speech, they will be barred from all further discussions.
      This forum is not a venue for personal or private disputes or vendettas. Keep your personal business as just that - personal.
    5. Use accepted written forms.
      This is a dictionary forum, where students come to learn: correct capitalization, grammar, spelling and punctuation are mandatory.
      Except as a topic of discussion, chatspeak and SMS style are not acceptable, nor is writing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

  3. We welcome members who share our goals and philosophy, and agree to act in accord with the rules and guidelines of the Forums.
    1. Report Problems
      Tell moderators about problematic posts, rule violations, or anything else you think needs moderator attention by clicking on the "Report" link in the bottom of each post. Please, do not react to rule violations: just report them. You may ask politely for context if it is needed for a suitable reply, and you may kindly and politely correct a fellow member's deviations from standard language in a post that otherwise addresses the thread topic.
    2. Read the Rules
      Each forum applies these rules in a slightly different way. Before posting in a forum, please read the guidelines for that forum -- they are listed in one of the first threads at the top of the page.
    3. Membership is a privilege
      Use of these forums and your speech in these forums is not a right. It is a privilege granted you by the WR administrator under the terms of this agreement and can be revoked at any time without warning.
    4. These are Moderated Forums
      Moderators are forum members who supervise individual forums. They may edit, delete, or modify any posts in their forums. Please direct your questions about a particular forum to that forum’s moderator.
      Moderators are also forum members. Unless they say otherwise, or it is clear from context, their posts are made as members. Comments made by moderators may not necessarily reflect the opinions of WordReference.com.
      Discussion about the rules should take place in the Questions, Comments and Suggestions forum. Discussions about moderator or administrator actions should be discussed via email or private messages ('Conversations') – not in the public forums.
      More information about the moderators is available in this Moderator FAQ.
    5. Each member is responsible for his/her own posts.
      Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster.
      You agree not to hold WordReference or its members liable for anything stated within the forums.
      When a message is placed in WordReference or its forums, you are granting an irrevocable license to the site to use it in perpetuity.
      Any translations, definitions and explanations that you provide can be used by WordReference.com to integrate into its dictionaries and other reference material.
    6. Quoting and copying
      You are free to quote short passages or definitions from threads in the Forums outside the forums. We appreciate a citation to WordReference, if appropriate, when you do so. Extensive quoting, e.g. from multiple posts, should be done only with the permission of the original poster, if locatable. Any compilation and redistribution of information from the forums is forbidden unless cleared with the administrator.
    7. Represent yourself honestly.
      You may register with one user name only.
      Do not pretend to be someone you are not: this includes gender, nationality and native language.
      You must provide your native language, including your country or the variety you speak (eg: "English - Ireland" or "Mexican Spanish") for languages with multiple regions. Who you are and where you are from is very important to understanding any translations or other language information that you provide.
    8. Don’t post personal information.
      Do not post personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Where appropriate, you can put some of this in your personal profile.
      Excerpts of email or private messages are not allowed.
      Anyone posting another member’s personal details or web site details without permission will be banned.
    9. Disclaimer
      You agree that any personal information you have entered will be stored in a database. The administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised. Do not transmit any sensitive personal information by private message ('Conversation').
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